Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another Valentine Day

I sometimes feel as if i am invisible,as if no one can see me at all.however,I never felt that way when i wandered in the streets today.
Today, just like yesterday,is clearly a very ordinary day for all of us,but it absolutely cheers those lovers up for Valentine Day's sake.Came lots of lovers...delightedly and naturally,they whispered something sweet to each other.Nobody seems to notice my being.I was really envious of those guys,who have already found the right person.
Indeed,i have no idea about how could one see right through the haze?
See,Mindy,a girl who always chase dreams ,is alone during these past couple of years, at that moment,however, she could feel as if someone is standing alongside her.Well ,what are all these kinds of stuffs about?Who is he?...What a mess!
Whatever!Probably,there exists one man,underneath my destined life, i have never met before.Perhaps,we are trying best to realize each other,sounds wonderful...but,okay,back to reality!
I am watching the movie called The Lake House again now.
Plus,the mere thought of the man from future made me feel better,even though i didn't truly understand WHAT DAY IS TODAY.